Thursday, February 21, 2013

Its been awhile.

Just taking some time to sit outside and enjoy the day before it starts to storm.  I find that it makes it easier to deal with the traffic and Toie isn't disturbed so much.  We have been here in the Yorktown area for a couple weeks now and it seems to be a nice area.  We aren't far from Cuero and Victoria is only about 40 miles away.
As I wrote earlier, I got my ham license last month and have been really enjoying the hobby thus far.  We are a little remote to be able to access some of the repeaters with the handi-talkie so I have been playing with a program called Echo link.  I can "dial-in" to repeaters all over the country and world using my android devices and internet and not need a bulky HF radio and miles of wire for antennae.
Toie and I have started going through the RV and cleaning out some of the items we thought we would use but haven't done so yet. Taking our time doing so gives us something to do when traffic gets slow.
We have also made a conscious decision to change our approach to food in our lives.  We have become much pickier about the products we buy and are incorporating more fresh foods into our diet.  We have both become heavier since starting this adventure and don't wish to continue doing so.

The wind turbine has been working pretty well. I had to order an Any volt 3 to stabilize the output so that the charge entering the batteries would be a bit more consistent, especially at slow wind speeds. I shouldn't need to use the battery charger when we are sitting for long periods time to top off the starting battery as much/anymore. I set the turbine up the other day and it immediately garnered a bit of attention from people entering and exiting. I even managed to score a few more stickers for the tail fin on it.