Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Is it hot yet?

Our one year anniversary gate guarding came and went a few days ago. This time last year we were just a few days on our first gate down in the Tilden area, still feeling the excitement of a new adventure started. We survived that gate with all its ups and down, from sorting out the locals(we were on Hayes Ranch Road), to being moved on short notice next to the location, downwind and less than 200 ft from a very active and smelly flarestack. Fast-forward one year and here we are, still hard at it except now we are chasing a drilling rig around South Texas.

I'm feeling kinda lucky today because we have a few clouds drifting by, affording me a bit of occasional shade as I sit here writing this on our mud-porch. I could go around back and sit under the tree, yes, we have a tree that is a few feet behind the rv, but the signal bells are harder to hear and the view isnt as nice. I can see the traffic on fm99, about a mile north of us, go by and at night we get the lights from Karnes City and the prison to the north-east, this is by far, one of the nicest views and locations we have been on.

The coach we purchased October of last year is performing wonderfully and we couldn't be happier with it. For a spur of the moment, emergency purchase, we have been  incredibly fortunate.

The biggest drawback for us has been time off. Toie and I haven't been able to spend more than a couple hours away together in about the last 6 months and this time of year is really not condusive to doing so considering the general shortage of guards. We do plan on taking a bit of time for ourselves here shortly after the weather cools a bit.

As a side note, trying to write a blog post while juggling traffic presents it own set of challenges. Such as lost trains of thoughts.