Sunday, November 24, 2013

Prepper Websites

We have had the luxury of a reasonably slow gate as of late so I have been able to spend quite a bit of time "cruising" the web.  I have been reading a few of the "prepper" sites and have come to a few conclusions.

My first is that some of these sites seem only to exist to stir the pot, they only seem to offer little valuable information, instead relying on "hit" stories to inflame and excite readership.  A good example of this type of blog/website is Mac Slavo's ,I have yet to see a positive story on this site that was not contained within the readers comments section.  However, most of the readership does seem to be the "keyboard commando" type that when confronted with an intelligent argument immediately descends into name calling and derogatory comments, from which no one learns anything. There are a few bright points though, some of the  best information for resources comes from a few of the contributors, and some of the conversations are quite enjoyable. 

My second is that there are some truly informative sites out there. An example would be Ken Jorgunsen's . Ken offers many tips and tricks on survival and sustainable living.  I thoroughly enjoy many of the subjects contained on this site and Ken is very interactive with his readers, oftentimes altering an article with updated information offered to him in the comments section.

For those individuals interested in the American Redoubt. James Rawles' offers a wealth of information submitted by readers in the form of independent articles. There is no comment section and feedback for subject matter is done through email and then posted if relevant to the subject matter

While not a prepper site per se, low tech magazine's website has an abundance of info low tech solutions, most of which are easily recreated.

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